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Whether you have one dollar or one million dollars, whether you have 0 children, one child, 10 children, grandchildren or no grandchildren, it is vital to plan for your life, especially in case of an emergency, and for death.If you do not plan, the State will implement its own plan.  The best time to start planning is NOW.While you are waiting for the perfect time to plan, life will continue to happen.  Your life is in hands, take control of it NOW.  PLAN FOR LIVING!!

This website, attached documents and links, if any, provide general information only.  They are not legal documents, not legal advice, and do not establish a client attorney relationship.  This information is not complete and not an individual plan.  See full Disclaimer.

Everyone should consider arranging for the following documents, at a minimum:


Power of attorney – This document appoints an individual or individuals you select to have the authority to handle business matters for you while you are alive but when you are unable to handle your business affairs.   You may need specific power of attorney documents for IRS and each bank.

Health Care Proxy –(recognized in New York but not in all states) – This document appoints an agent to make health care decisions if you are unable to make those decisions for yourself.  This document has no authority once you die.

Living Will – .

Last Will and Testament –

Family Tree – start with your grandparents.

Post Death Arrangements:  Funeral/Memorial Service and Burial/Cremation Arrangements.

Other Documents/Considerations

Living Trust (you still are advised to have a Last Will along with a Trust)

Financial Plan 

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At least annually and after major life events, such has births, deaths, marriages, separations/divorces, and change in employment, to mention a few, review and revise your Plan for Living and financial documents: